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Lodz friendly to children

The "Fairyland Lodz" tourist trail is also a unique attraction, which can be followed by parents with their children. In this way, they can discover together the beauty of Lodz. Fairytale characters from good-night cartoons produced by Se-ma-for, lead us through ulica Piotrkowska, they encourage visiting museums, cultural centers, or a water park and bring out a sentimental smile on the faces of passers-by.

Aqua Park Fala, al. Unii Lubelskiej 4, 94-208 Łódź; http://www.aquapark.lodz.pl

Experymentarium (muzeum interaktywne), ul. Karskiego 5, 91-071 Łódź (Manufaktura); http://www.experymentarium.pl/

Figloraj – Kinderplaneta, Manufaktura; http://www.kinderplaneta.pl/

Botanical Garden in Lodz ul. Krzemieniecka 36/38, 94-303 Łódź; http://www.botaniczny.lodz.pl

Arlekin Puppet Theatre ul. 1 Maja 2, 90-718 Łódź; http://www.arlekin.lodz.pl

Se-ma-for Museum of Animation ul. Targowa 1/3, 90-022 Łódź; http://www.muzeum.se-ma-for.com

Planetarium EC 1, ul. Targowa 1/3 http://www.planetariumec1.pl/

source: http://www.turystyczna.lodz.pl/page/34,Lodz-dla-dzieci.html

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