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The underground trail on Main Market Square
Based on the discoveries made during studies carried out between 2005-2010, and through the use of modern technology, the exhibition introduces the spectators to the topography and atmosphere of medieval Kraków, and helps them understand its role on the political and trade map of medieval Europe.

The trail leads through uplit glass-lined paths. The main arrangement is kept to shades of grey to bring out the discovered relics and monuments. The preserved, untouched fragments of ground layers help the visitors realise how the topography of the Square has changed through the ages, and how the street level rose with time. There also are remains of a medieval settlement, fragments of buildings dating back to Bolesław the Chaste (13th century) and Casimir the Great (14th century), remnants of a large burial site, and around 700 original relics discovered during the excavations. As they are generally small, everyday objects – weights, coins or elements of jewellery – they are displayed in cylindrical cabinets allowing them to be viewed from all sides. The actual objects are also visualised in 3D, which allow the visitors to “touch” them and turn them every which way.
The exhibits are displayed using modern technology: holograms, scanners, laser projections and multimedia installations. The sense of participation in medieval city life is enhanced through sound effects imitating marketplace bustle, the creaking of balances or the rattle of carts. Crossing through a smokescreen with a projection of a trade scene, the visitors are immersed in this world from their first step. The trail leads them through market stalls and artificer’s workshops, and even a Slavic burial. The atmosphere of old Kraków is brought closer using three-dimensional visualisations. The largest, depicting far-distance trade and the conurbation from 1500, have been created by Marek Skrobecki, the designer behind the Oscar-winning Peter and the Wolf. The atmosphere is further enhanced through films depicting Cracovian legends and the most important locations in the city. We are able to see the details of the high altar in the St Mary’s Church from 10cm away.

There also is plenty of attractions and educational games for children, including a play about Skuba the Shoemaker, combining elements of puppet theatre, 3D animation and light and sound installations.

Open: Mon, Wed-Sun 10am-8pm, Tue 10am-4pm (except 1st Tue of month)
Tickets: PLN 13/10, group PLN 10, youth group PLN 7, family PLN 30; a nguide: PLN 150, a guide for youth group PLN 110. On Mon admission is free (corporate groups pay the costs of a guide service).

Detailed programme at www.podziemiarynku.com

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